tea allergy question

by randi
(united states )

I am curious if o can be allergic to one type of green tea leaf and have no allergie to a different type. The reason i ask, because I always drink different brands of green tea.. lipton, Arizona, sobe, and a few others I don't know the name of. Today I drank a new brand of bottled green tea I have never heard of let alone drank..its called 'gold peak tea'. Seconds after I drank it my throat, neck, and lower face swelled. I drank a lot of water and took a benydryl and with some time, seemed to take a little while ... The swelling went away. So, I examined the ingredients on that bottle of tea and the Arizona green tea I drank shortly after (with no reaction), and the only differences I could see were that one (the one I had the reaction to) said "concentrated green tea leaves" and the other said "brewed tea with filtered water". Also the 'gold peak tea' tea leaves came from Kenya's rift valley. My big question is, since it is from Kenya could it be a different type of leaf? Also, I ate two shortbread cookies made gluten free about 5 minutes before I drank this I would like to know what the chances are of it being the tea because I've never had a problem with either cookies or tea before. Might I add, that was a very scary experience! I hope someone has an answer to my question.

Thank you so much.

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