Reading Tea Leaves

Tasseography is the proper name for tea leaf reading. Those who practice this art are experts in interpreting the tea leaf symbols, tea leaf patterns, and images made from tea leaves.

It is an age old practice and a divination method. The diviner or tea leaf reader uses the symbols and patterns and meanings and applies them to the life of the person whose leaves are being read.

Coffee grounds and tea leaves can both be used to read from. History says that the su bject of the reading should drink the tea or coffee, leaving a small amount of liquid in the cup. Holding the cup in the subjects left hand, he or she should swirl the liquid three times clockwise, trying to make sure that the leaves or grounds are carried all the way up to the rim of the cup without spilling over. The subject then inverts the cup into the saucer, holding it for a count of seven to allow the excess liquid to drain away. When the cup is turned right side up again, it is time for the tea reader to get to work. The handle of the tea cup should always point towards the tea leaf reader.

Visit our Tea Leaf Symbols page for symbols and their meanings.

If there are contradicting images and symbols on the page, it means that there is confusion around the subject of the image.

Some readers seperate the tea cup in two halves, left and right. The left side of the tea cup symbolizing the past and the right side symbolizing future events.

Some readers flip this around and those images nearest the rim of the cup are future, and those symbols near the bottom are past.

Perception and interpretation of the reader will determine the quality and accuracy of the tea leaf reading.


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