Tansy Herb

The tansy herb or tansy plant is used for a variety of reasons and to treat several conditions.

The tansy plant is a perennial and spreads by its roots. It can be invasive, so if you wish to add tansy to your herb garden, place it in a pot to keep it in check so it doesn't spread everywhere. A patch of tansy can go for decades if left unchecked. The tansy plant can grow to three feet tall and gets yellow flower heads or flower clusters in August. The leaves are delicate and fine cut. If you live in North America, you have probably seen tansy growing unchecked or in gardens.

Tansy has quite the herbal remedy history and tradtitionally was used to promote menstruation, provide crude miscarriage (not advised, death can result), to treat gout, and to get rid of worms in children.

Tansy has also been used to settle an upset stomach, and was once very common to drink a tansy tea for fever and the flu.

Tansy Tea Recipe

How to use Tansy for Healing

One of the ways to use tansy for healing is by way of a tonic or herbal tea. You can make tansy tea at home using this recipe. Do not increase the dosage or amount of tansy, large doses of tansy are toxic, can cause seizures and death.

  • 1/4 teaspoon of dried tansy herb
  • 8 ounces of boiled water

Steep the tansy for 6-8 minutes, strain and drink the tea warm. It can be very bitter, so sweeten with honey if desired.

You can also use tansy for healing by using it externally in a poultice or rub.

(It has been documented that flies stay away meat rubbed with tansy leaves.... that is how powerful tansy is!!)

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Tansy Cautions & Side Effects

Tansy contains a volitile oil, in large doses it is toxic, can cause seizures and even death. There are other toxic compounds in tansy as well.

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