Supermarket Teas - Green Tea Bags

by C Simpson
(Cedar City, Utah)

Green Tea Bag Question

I know from your website that supermarket teas are poor quality as far as taste, but are the health benefits of supermarket teas (especially green tea) also inferior?

Well, you are right about the taste!! Green tea bags of the generic kind don't have the best taste. This is because low grade tea bags of any kind, including green tea are made with tea dust.

This is the left over bits from processing the premium green tea leaves that are sold as loose tea and quite expensive in comparison.

By using low grade green tea bags you are not only missing out on flavor, but the nutritional value as well. The tea dust or scrapings is just low grade and does not contain the same nutrients as the whole loose leaf green tea.

There are green teas that are offered in a tea bag form that do contain the whole leaf - these would be an excellent choice, or you can make your own green tea bags using fillable tea bags. (The press and seal type are terrific)

You can read about empty tea bags on our Fillable Tea Bags section on the site.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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