St Johns Wort Tea


St Johns Wort Tea

St Johns Wort Tea is often associated with treating the symptoms and moods associated with depression. Its botanical name is Hypericum perforatum and there are 100's of species of this perennial plant.

The St Johns Wort plant spreads easily in a garden setting by rhizomes. There are showy yellow flowers and it is often used to cover banks and slopes and as a ground cover.

St Johns Wort & Depression

St Johns Wort has been clinically proven as an anti depressant. In most countries it is available over the counter and in health food an vitamin stores. It is usually sold as a tablet or capsule, and in a tea bag form. In some countries, a prescription is required to obtain St Johns Wort.

St Johns Wort Herbal Tea

To make a herbal tea from Saint Johns Wort, here is the basic recipe:

  • 1 - 2 Teaspoons Organic St Johns Wort Flowers
  • 8 Ounces boiled water

Steep the St Johns Wort flowers for 10 minutes. The recommended doseage is 3 cups per day to treat mild depression.

You can sweeten the tea with honey and add lemon if desired.

St Johns Wort is a mood elivating herb, and has shown tremendous results for those suffering from mild depression.

Buying St Johns Wort

Our recommended source for purchasing St Johns Wort flowers is Mountain Rose Herbs. You can reach their site and purchase large or small quantities by using their banner below.

St Johns Wort Tea

St Johns Wort Herbal Tea Bags

There are some companies who commercially produce St Johns Wort in a tea bag form. This is great to have in your travel bag or purse as a pick me up while you are on the go. If you do have time though, we recommend you brew your own.

Here are some of the top selling brands of St Johns Wort Tea Bags.

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