Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea

by Richard
(Pearl City, HI)

Tea Question

My wife would like to take something that will give her energy that natural way. She cannot take stimulants or any stimulant like substances because she develops serious migranes. I would like to get her the stinging nettle tea but I'm not completely sure whether this tea contains stimulants (acai, guarana, caffine, etc...)Please clarify whether this tea is in fact a natural energy booster without stimulants.

Stingin Nettle Tea is caffeine free, containing no acai, guarana or other additional stimulant. It is a natural energy booster - but it does have stimulant qualities - each of the three other sources you have listed above all have different types of stimulants as well as I am sure you are aware. Stinging Nettle produces a substance that allows your body to naturally have more energy - but your wife could react if she has had trouble with the other substances you have noted. However, the tea may cause no problems whatsoever and I am more prone to lean towards this - however everyone reacts differently. So I suggest trying a small amount of stinging nettle tea and carefully watch the reaction and any indication of an oncoming migraine. Being a sufferer myself - this tea does not trigger head aches for me, but as I say, you never know.

Hope this helps, use caution and good luck. It is worth a try as stinging nettle provides so many benefits!


I hope this helps,


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