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Spirulina Herb

Often called Blue-green Algae, Spirulina is a food supplement as well as a whole food and is available in tablet, powder and flake form.

Spirulina occurs naturally in bodies of water such as lakes that have high pH balances and is thought to have been a food source for the Aztecs.

The first large scale production plant for Spirulina was established in the 1970’s at Lake Texcoco in Mexico. Spirulina contains many essential nutrients including protein, amino acids and lycein as well as a large spectrum of vitamins.

Powdered Spirulina can be added to juice and fruit in a morning smoothie or can be added to vegetable juice for a different tasty treat.

Spirulina Tea

Herbal Tea Recipe

Coming onto the market are several Spirulina Tea combinations. Spirulina powder is simply being added to green tea or white tea to make a Super Tea. These two ingredients combined have amazing effects on the body.

Spirulina Uses & Herbal Remedies

Spirulina basically has one use; as food. Spirulina is high in beta carotene, and is 10 times more concentrated than carrots. Beta carotene helps to support your body’s immunities.

Spirulina is a vegetarian source of protein that provides whole proteins complete with amino acids and Spirulina is very low in calories supporting a low fat reduced calorie diet.

Spirulina contains an essential fatty acid that is also found in mother’s milk supporting healthy bodies.

Spirulina is high in iron and magnesium and the iron is easier to absorb than that found in supplements.

Spirulina is high in the B complex vitamins which helps support a healthy nervous system and provides energy.

Spirulina Cautions

Caution should be taken if trying to harvest or cultivate Spirulina in the wild due to contaminates.

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