Spice Tea

Spiced Tea Recipes and Ideas

There are many different type of tea that are considered spice tea. Spiced teas have been around for centuries and are very good in my opinion, I just love them all.

We have put together some information on spiced teas and links to pages on our website with more information, recipes and ideas.

Famous Spiced Teas

One of the most famous spiced teas is Chai Tea and we have a great Chai Tea Dry Mix Recipe for you here. This is a great tea lovers gift idea!

More Types of Spiced Teas

Spice Tea

Here are more pages on our site that have great recipes and information about teas with a spicey kick.

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  • There are some terrific blended spice teas. You can check out Adagio Teas, they have some great flavors, and also Teavana. Both have a great assortment of loose teas and have shipping deals now and then, so watch for their specials.

    Buy Spice Tea Bags

    Here are some great spiced tea bags to try if you are too busy to blend your own tea. (If you have time, blend your own, it is so much better!)

    Teas that have a bit of spice are typically associated with the herbs and spices listed above. There are some amazing combinations and these teas are very popular. Christmas tea is typically a spiced tea, and many tea companies repackage their products and label them as such.

    Black tea is the base used in most spiced teas. It just tastes better than a green tea or a white tea which are more grassy than earthy.

    If you are blending your own spice flavored teas, try a black tea base first. This is the usual ingredient found in most versions of spicy tea.

    Flavoring your Black Tea

    You can also cheat (and sometimes I do!) by purchasing a syrup to flavor your tea just the way you like. Again, start with a black base tea and then add some Torani Syrup in a flavor of your choice. The pumpkin spice syrup makes a nice black spiced tea.

    Many of the Torani Syrups, while used mostly for flavoring coffee, can be used to flavor tea. You do want to use the black tea base, and use the syrup sparingly, it can be very strong.

    If I am really in a rush, and have no flavored syrup on hand, I just add a dash of this or that and have created some wonderful teas. My favorites are ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and anise.

    I just add a pinch of this and that to my brewed tea and that is it.


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