Spearmint Chamomile Rose Hip Tea Recipe

by Alaina S.

For a large tea ball infuser (will brew 4 - 6 cups)

1 - 2 tsp. dried spearmint (depending on how minty you want it)

1 tbs. dried chamomile flowers

1/4 tsp. dried rose hip

brew for 2 - 5 min depending on how strong you want it

scale down accordingly for individual cups.

great for before bedtime or after a rich/spicy meal. Does wonders when having stomach problems.

Comment - from Crazy for Tea -
Thanks for this great recipe. Personally, I love spearmint teas and you are right - they are excellent for stomach problems. Just soothes the whole digestive system and seems to get things back on track if you are experiencing any kind of upset stomach or digestive problem. Thankns again, I am going to give this tea recipe a try.

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