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Slippery Elm Herb

Slippery Elm is a species of the Elm tree that is native to North America and is similar to American Elm in appearance; however, Slippery Elm is more closely related to the European Wych Elm. The Slippery Elm is a deciduous tree with rough textured leaves and is recognizably distinguished from American Elm by its hairy buds in early Spring; the American Elm buds are smooth.

The Slippery Elm has been of great use and was valued for its nutritive value as well as medicinally. The most widely used part of the Slippery Elm is its bark; the inner bark can be eaten and enough nutrition given to survive. The bark of the Slippery Elm was also used to cause abortion and because of this the sale of Slippery Elm bark of certain lengths has been banned in some countries. Slippery Elm is also one of the four ingredients in the traditional cancer remedy, Essiac.

Slippery Elm bark is available powdered either coarsely to be used as poultice or finely powdered to be used in a Gruel or thick drink.

Slippery Elm Tea

A teaspoonful of the inner bark to a cup of boiling water is the ratio for Slippery Elm Tea. It is traditionally drank cold, 2-3 cups a day is the recommended dosage.

Slippery Elm Uses & Herbal Remedies

Slippery Elm Tea Benefits

Gruel can be made from the powdered inner bark of the Slippery Elm and eaten for its nutritive value. Traditionally this was given to infants and elderly because it is easy to digest and is very nutritious.

Slippery Elm has been used to treat coughs and is considered beneficial in cases of consumption.

A poultice of Slippery Elm was used by the Native Americans to treat boils and burns and all inflamed skin afflictions including Gangrene.

An infusion of Slippery Elm bark can be used to treat anal fissures.

Slippery Elm Cautions

Slippery Elm is a safe herb.

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