Slimming Tea


There are many different teas being marketed as Slimming Tea. Some of them are Herbal Teas and others are Oolong, Wulong or Wu Yi Teas. The last three teas are actually all the same type of tea marketed under different names.

When you are looking for a Diet Tea there are lots of variables to search out before you start your diet.

Herbal Teas offer different diet qualities and slimming options than leaf tea or tradiitional tea. If you are using a traditional tea diet, we highly recommend loose leaf tea of the variety that you choose. There are much more nutrients and beneficial qualities in the loose leaf varieties. While you may pay a little more, your tea will also stretch alot further as you can multiple brew the loose leaf.

Slimming Tea

The main ingredients in herbal weight loss teas are hoodia, guarana, ma huang, and other slimming herbs.

Weight Loss & Diet Tea

They are very effective and often blended with green teas for additional weight loss and slimming properties.

Herbal Weight Loss Teas are very effective in aiding in loosing weight fast. Many dieters swear by them and they are available in most health food and specialty shops.

Oolong, Wu Long and Wu Yi Teas are also very effective in aiding in weight loss. They are becoming more and more known for getting rid of that dreaded belly fat. How they accomplish this is quite simple. An affective ingredient in the tea counter acts the production of stress induced cortisol in the body. Too much cortisol is what creates belly fat, especially in women.

So, if you are looking for a tea to help with weight loss, any of the herbal or oolongs will help. You need to drink as much as five cups a day to see results, so follow individual instructions for any of the teas.

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If you are targeting the belly fat area, oolongs are really the best teas to drink.

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