Side Effects of Kava Kava


Side effects of Kava Kava have moved into the spot light more recently with Kava consumption being linked to cases of liver toxicity. These are serious situations and warnings from various health regulatory bodies have been issued.

Please read this page to the bottom - there is important information you need to know. The bottom line is Kava Kava is a relatively safe herbal supplement or tea.

United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)has issued warnings after a healthy young woman required a liver transplant after Kava Kava use. European reports have stated that the herb and tea may cause liver damage including:

  • Hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver Failure

The Swiss & German Health Authorities have identified 30 such cases. Four of these required liver transplant and one resulted in death.

Various health authorities have taken action in several countries. These actions range from consumer warnings, to removing the product from the shelf.

Kava Health Reports

The dietary supplement and herbal industry in the United States responded to the allegation that Kava side effects included serious liver damage by having an independant evaluation done by a professional toxicologist. The report was to determin the relationshop between Kava consumption and damage to the liver. The toxicology reports findings stated:

"There is no clear evidence that the liver damage reported in the U.S. and Europe was caused by the consumption of kava."

Now, this does not mean the need to cautious does not exist. The damage may have been caused by Kava Kava being taken with alcohol and prescription drugs.

While the serious reports of liver failure are somewhat rare, caution needs to be taken when consuming Kava, and the side effects of Kava and what to watch for need to be on the minds of Kava Kava consumers.

The bottom line on this issue is do not mix Kava Kava with presciption drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

Kava Kava vs Presciption Drugs

In treating anxiety and depression Kava consumption has proven itself to be an effective herbal remedy. It is far less dangerous to treat these conditions with Kava than pharmaceuticals. There have been studies in Europe to support this finding.

Side effects of Kava Kava have other wise been related to over consumption (the kava hangeover!). If you over consume, your body will let you know and you may end up being nausiated.

Kava Kava has been enjoyed in the South Pacific region for thousands of years with no major health effects to the native people who charish the beverage. It appears that as with any herbal remedy, when you mix it with western medicine and excessive alcohol use, damage will result.

There are major health benefits to be enjoyed with Kava Kava and as with any herb or drink, you musn't over consume.


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