Shogun Green Tea Tabs


Shogun Green Tea Tabs

So you are looking for some information on the Green Tea Tablet or Diet Pill, well, you have come to the right place!

Firstly the Shogun Diet Pill is made from Japanese green tea. There are many areas that green tea is grown, but this particular product states that it is made from tea grwon in the Shizuoka Province of Japan.

The Shizuoka Province is located in the mountainous regions of Japan. The are enjoys mild weather all year. The major harvest for this tea is in late summer when the catechin levels are at their peak.

It is an organic product, so no pesticides or herbicides are used on the plants during their growing season. So you are getting a pure product.

The posted active ingredients of this Green Tea Diet Pill are:

  • Catechins - a group of compounds that account for many of green teas well-known benefits
  • Caffeine - Yes, there is caffeine in these tablets and in all green teas unless they state they are caffeine free
  • Theanine - an amino acid that is a strong relaxant and offsets the stimulants of the caffeine content

The tablet can be ingested two common ways:

  • Chewing - the tablet is soft and chewable, and is very strong in flavour
  • Dissolve in hot water - the tablet can be dissolved in hot water and once dissolved is a rich green colour.
  • Some documentation states there is as much 'nutrients' in the tablet as drinking up to 4 cups of green tea.

    Shogun Green Tea Tablets are a trade name, you can find green tea tablets from other manufacturers as well, however they may not be Japanese Green Tea.

    The tablet was created by Dr. Ohmura, a research pharmacist in Japan. He has since patented his method for making the tablets. The tablets are actually made up of finely ground green tea leaves, similar to matcha and formed into the soft tablets.

    Matcha is powdered tea that is used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies, recipes such as green tea ice cream, green tea smoothies etc. The Matcha's are some of the most nutrient rich forms of green tea you can obtain.

    One of the things you will notice is if you brew a cup of green tea from tea leaves, the color of the final product is a green-brown colour. When you disolve the tablet it is a magnificent green! No brown what so ever.

    The brown color comes from oxidation of the tea leaf at some time in its life. Once green tea has oxidized, it is black tea and has lost its powerful healing properties.

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