Sea Buckthorne Herb

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Sea Buckthorne Herb

The Sea Buckthorn is a deciduous shrub in the Oleander family and the berry it produces has recently been given the title of a super food. The most wide spread Sea Buckthorne is called Common Sea Buckthorne and is found growing along the Atlantic coast of Europe all the way to northwestern China. The branches of the Common Sea Buckthorne are stiff and dense and produce orange berries that are soft and juicy and full of vitamin C.

Because of the densely growing branches and stiff leave it makes harvesting the berries difficult and often the berries are harvested by removing the entire branch and freezing it making it easy to shake off the berry; however, this is very destructive to the plant and reduces the production.

Sea Buckthorne berries are not generally eaten raw but are often mixed with other juices and teas and other beverages. The Sea Buckthorne juice separates into 3 layers, a top layer that consists of a thick orange cream, the middle layer that is rich in fatty acids and the bottom which is juice and sediment.

Sea Buckthorne Tea

Herbal Tea Recipe

To infuse a tea with Sea Buckthorne, it is best to add the juice or extract to an iced tea. Adding it to a 'hot' tea may reduce the effectiveness of the herb.

Sea Buckthorne Uses & Herbal Remedies

Sea Buckthorne has been used in cancer therapy to strengthen the bone and help protect it from radiation damage.

Sea Buckthorne has been found to be useful in cardio disease and can help circulation and blood flow as well as improving cholesterol levels.

Sea Buckthorne has traditionally been used to treat gastic and liver ailments including ulcers and normalizing liver enzymes.

Sea Buckthorne is being used now in skin products and is reported to improve skin health and skin’s condition.

Sea Buckthorne Cautions

Sea Buckthorne should be used with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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