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Sarsaparilla Herb

Sarsaparilla is a trailing vine that has prickly stems and is native to the West Indies and tropical areas of America.

Traditionally Sarsaparilla has been used to make beverages and medicinally and has been used through out history to treat syphilis. The Sarsaparilla is found in many places growing naturally now and has long prickly stems with brownish red roots that are odiferous, bitter and sticky.

Today Sarsaparilla is used primarily to make the beverage of the same name which was favored by the Smurfs. It is also an ingredient in some Root Beer brands; however, the use of Sarsaparilla will lend the Root Beer a birchier flavor.

Sarsaparilla Tea

Sarsaparilla tea can be prepared by steeping 1 – 2 teaspoons dried herb in 8 ounces of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Sarsaparilla Uses & Herbal Remedies

Sarsaparilla is used today as an oral treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis.

A compress of Sarsaparilla can be used to treat rashes and skin ulcerations as well as some skin infections.

Native Americans often would use Sarsaparilla as a spring blood tonic and would use it to treat coughs and colds.

It is thought that Sarsaparilla is effective in treating rheumatism and gout.

Sarsaparilla has been used to treat symptoms of PMS, menopause and increase virility in men.

Sarsaparilla has been used through out history to treat syphilis.

Sarsaparilla Cautions

Excessive use of large doses of Sarsaparilla can cause kidney damage and this type of use is discouraged.

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