Sage Tea


All about sage tea! It is a great herbal tea, and we will cover the benefits of sage herb, where to buy sage, and of course, a sage recipe for herbal tea.

How to Grow Sage

Growing sage is quite easy and there are many species to choose from. One of my personal favorites is pineapple sage.

The sage plant is a perennial that grows well in a sunny well drained spot in the garden. It will come back year after year if you are in a zone 7 or warmer garden. Sage does not do well in the sage or in a wet area.

The sage herb is most widely known and related to cooking, especially turkey stuffing.

Sage has a wonderful musky smell and fills the kitchen with a wonderful aroma. The sage herb also has some interesting medicinal qualities as well.

Benefits of Sage Herb

There are many benefits to the sage herb, including using it as a menopause herb. Sage can reduce night sweats, hot flashes and contains plant estrogens. There are other uses and benefits for the sage plant as well.

  • Sage is an anti spasmodic
  • Sage is an anti inflammatory
  • Sage is an anti septic
  • Sage is an astringent
  • Sage is used to treat ulcers and boils in the mouth
  • Sage can increase brain function and memory
  • Sage is a muscle relaxant

It is really easy to get the benefits of sage by making into a nice herbal tea.

Sage Tea Recipe

It is easy to make sage herbal tea, here is the basic recipe.

  • 1 teaspoon organic sage
  • 8 ounces boiled water

Steep the sage 5 minutes or longer depending on the strength wanted. You can add blackberry to make a delicious sage blackberry tea.

Where to Buy Sage

When you are looking for tea herbs, we recommend Mountain Rose Herbs. They offer organic sage in small to bulk quantities. You can get up to a 40% discount for ordering in bulk.

Buy Senna - Senna Tea

Commercial Sage Herbal Tea Bags

If you are looking for convenience and don't mind giving up the quality you get from steeping your own organic sage herbal tea, there are some commercial tea suppliers that offer sage based teas.

Sage Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with the sage herb in small doses, however, Sage should not be used by pregnant or nursing women or by people who have epileptic fits.

The sage plant is toxic in excess or when taken for extended periods, though the toxic dose is very large.

Sage should not be used to suppress perspiration in fevers. Remember the saying 'sweat out the fever!'

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