Rue: Garden - How much is safe for Rue Tea?

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How much fresh garden rue is safe to use? Some articles talk about 4 ounces but not sure if that means weight of fresh leaves. There are precautions about the use of rue.

Thank you for your question about Rue Tea. You are right, rue has precautions and can be very dangerous if you use too much. On our rue herb page, we have a recipe that is considered safe (again rue is quite poisonous) using dried rue.

I don't want to advise on fresh rue as it is much more potent than the dried and you could really hurt yourself.

If you want to make rue tea from it, please dry the herb first. There have been deaths associated with Rue - so I always like to use caution.

Hope this helps and it should dry in just a week or so if you string it up in a cool dry dark place.

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