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Rosemary tea is made from the leaves of the rosemary plant. The rosemary plant is native to the mediterranian, but it grows well in many climates through out the world.

This tea article will discuss how to make rosemary herbal tea, a rosemary recipe for tea, where to buy rosemary for herbal remedies, and the benefits of rosemary.

Rosemary is a woody perennial shrub that growns well in a sunny dry spot and does well in containers. The rosemary flowers are small and range in color from purple blue to white.

Rosemary plants are very aromtic and if you rub the rosemary needles, the scent will be released. Rosemary has many benefiical uses.

Rosemary Herb Benefits

Rosemary is a wonderful healing herb. It is used to treat a variety of conditions and ailments and supports the blood flow of the body. Here are the major benefits from rosemary:

  • Rosemary increases blood circulation
  • Rosemary is used to reduce fevers
  • Rosemary stimulates the liver
  • Rosemary stimulates digestion
  • Rosemary supports and strengthens blood vessels
  • Rosemary stimulates the memory
  • Rosemary can relieve headaches
  • Rosemary is an anti oxidant
  • Rosemary is an anti inflammatory
  • Rosemary contains Vitamin E
  • Rosemary can irradicate free radicals

This are just some of the benefits of rosemary. Rosemary can also increase blood pressure, so those with high blood pressure should not consume rosemary.

Rosemary Tea Recipe

To make a cup of rosemary infused tea is quite simple. Here is the basic rosemary herbal tea recipe:

  • 1 teaspoon rosemary herb
  • 8 ounces boiling water

Steep the rosemary for 5 minutes or longer, depending on the strenghth of tea. Rosemary blends well with other teas such as lavender rosemary, or thyme rosemary herbal tea.

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Finding a source of organic rosemary for making tea and herbal remedies can be a challenge. Mountain Rose Herbs is our recommended supplier for all your tea herbs. They offer incredible organic herbs in a variety of sizes and up to a 40% discount if you buy in bulk.

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Commercial Rosemary Herbal Tea

For those who are in a rush, and don't have the time to steep their own herbal tea, there are suppliers of commercial tea containing rosemary. While you always get a better, more nutrient rich tea from steeping your own, here are the top rosemary herbal teas offered commercially.

Rosemary Side Effects

Rosemary is safe herb but should be avoided by those who have high blood pressure or a history of high blood pressure.

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