Rooibos Health Properties

There are some very beneficial rooibos health properties that you should know about if you are a lover of herbal tea, or rooibos tea.
Rooibos tea is actually a herbal tea and contains no "tea leaves" from the camellia sinensis plant that green tea, black tea and white tea are derived from. Rooibos or red bush tea actually comes from Africa, and the plant is unique to the area in which it grows.

Rooibos Benefits

Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos has a very high anti oxidant content naturally, making it an anti cancer tea. It is also excellent for heartburn, upset stomach and disorders of the digestive system. Ulcers have been effectively treated and the condition improved while drinking rooibos tea. It is also effective in treating colic in babies, and is often used by breastfeeding mothers to pass these stomach soothing benefits onto the babies. You can also add a little rooibos to bottle fed babies - into both formula and breast milk, to calm your baby, and ease away stomach troubles and gas.

Rooibos tea has the ability to tackle free radicals and stop them from attaching within our bodies, this limits the damage that occurs over time from pollutants, smoking, and environmental hazards and toxins that enter our system.

It is also a very calming herb, so drinking a cup of rooibos before bed can have additional health benefits like getting a good nights sleep, breaking bad sleeping habits, and giving you a sense of calm and serenity as you drift off to sleep. Rooibos is a mild sedative, and is great for calming jittery nerves, treating anxiety disorders, and bringing calm to a chaotic environment.

Rooibos also contains calcium - great for your bones and skeletal system and alpha hydroxies - yup - giving you a nice clear complextion. (Many of the top skin products boast that they contain alpha hydroxies and you pay a premium price for this ingredient, all you need to do is drink some rooibos!). You can use rooibos topically to treat rashes, sunburn and most skin irritations. It is also anti inflammatory, so it will reduce swelling topically and if you drink it as a tea.

It can control your appetite, allowing you to shed those few extra pounds that you need to get rid of too! High in many minerals and beneficial ingredients, you want to buy rooibos tea that is 100% natural and pure. This is the best way to ensure that you get all the benefits of this amazing herbal tea.

Buying High Quality Rooibos

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