Rooibos Tea - A Cure All For Sure


Rooibos tea (AKA Red Tea) is the perfect tea for someone who wants to improve their health but is afraid to consume caffeine.

Although caffeine is good for you in small quantities, alot of people don't realize that and try to avoid it. However, rooibos tea is unique in that it doesn't contain any caffeine, so for all you "non-caffeine folks" heres your perfect drink!

In case you were's pronounced (Roy-Boss).

Looking for botanical information on Red Tea? The Botany of Rooibos can provide you with some insight.

This is a perfect drink for pregnant mothers who are afraid of getting too much caffeine in their diet, but are looking for natural ways to improve their health.

Rooibos has many health benefits, Visit our Rooibos Health Benefits Page to get the full story!

Unlike other teas, red tea comes from the plant Aspalathus Linearis located only in the mountains surrounding the Cape of Good Hope.

When this tea is fermented, it turns a color that which may surprise you. Most teas, depending on how they are fermented, turn a greenish to a brown or black color. However, this tea is a little different. It turns red! The type of fermentation and the infusion time necessary to turn this tea red is essential to enhance it's breath-taking flavor.

I know green tea is probably the common world's most common tea right now because of it's antioxidant benefits, but guess what!? It is said that rooibos tea contains almost 50% more antioxidants than green tea..however more studies are needed to confirm this.

It can help relieve conditions such as:


Have conditions such as hay fever, asthma, or eczema? Rooibos is on the call to help you in your time of need!

Rooibos is available as a red tea and a green tea. You can choose either - and the difference is related to harvest times and processing of the plant in the herbal tea.

Anti Aging Remedy - Rooibos

Do you spend all your hard earned money on "miracle creams" that supposedly help you to appear like you've stop aging? Let me give you a hint..YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY! Rooibos tea is proven to help slow down the aging process and let you stay as beautiful as you already are. It contains an element known as "alpha-hydroxy" which is a mineral that helps your skin to stay smooth so it doesn't look like your getting older.

Mountain Rose Herbs - one of our preferred herbal tea suppliers - offers a variety of rooibos blends to choose from, including Firefly Chai - a rooibos based chai tea that is delicious, dawn chorus - and infusion of nettles, rooibos and rose petals as well as organic free trade green chai and organic free trade red chai. You can buy in bulk and save up to 60% off pricing!! If you own a tea shop - buying organic free trade tea and tea herbs can be one stop shopping. To visit, use the banner link below.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

It also helps out the immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses that may cause you to get sick, and you can even brew it and put it on irritated skin to help the skin grow back to how it should be!

There are many ways in which this "jack of all trades" tea can be brewed and prepared.

After you've bought some rooibos tea for yourself, go here to find out how to prepare it!

Powerful cancer-fighting and beauty-ehancing antioxidants, low price, no caffeine, great taste..what more can you ask for?

Rooibos Recipe

Rooibos Raisin Rolls - Rooibos Tea Recipe

These rolls, moist and studded with raisins, have a hint of honey that really compliments the light, earthy flavor of the rooibos tea. They will pair well with any stew or hearty, comforting dinner but are also excellent when split and toasted at breakfast. The complete Rooibos Raisin Rolls Recipe can be found here. Try it out! You will not be disappointed.

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