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Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red Raspberry Tea! Pregnancy can be confusing enough with out wondering if certain drinks and foods are ok to eat while pregnant. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea has been used by mid wives, herbalists and pregnant women for hundreds of years, long before Western Medicine made it's mark.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry Tea Pregnancy Information

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is said to be safe during pregnancy, however drink no more than one cup a day during the first tri-mester.

Herbal tea and pregnancy is something you must be very cautious about. Some herbs can harm mother and baby.

ChamomileTea and Pregnancy do not mix, and chamomile should be avoided.

Raspberry Leaf Tea and Pregnancy

Some herbalists state that it is safe to drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea prior to pregnancy as the herb is known to aid in fertility, this is increased when Raspberry Leaf and Red Clover Blossom are used together in a tea or infusion.

During pregnancy, Red Raspberry Tea can aid in uterine health, specifically by toning the uterus. Toning the uterus can make for an easier delivery of the baby.
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This is the reason only small amounts of the tea are recommended in the first 36 weeks. Uterine toning is acutally tightening and relaxing the muscles and excercising them! Red Raspberry Leaf contains an alkaloid called fragrine. It is this alkaloid that brings tone and health to the uterus.

It can also ease morning sickness during the first trimester.

Raspberry leaf tea has been used for 100's of years by herbalists and mid wives to aid in preparing a womens body during pregnanacy and to ease child birth. It is known as a safe pregnancy herb. Some retailers and online suppliers offer Raspberry Leaf tea in a tea bag form for ease of preparation and to standardize the herbal content of the tea.

As with any type of herbal tea during pregnancy, you should consult your health care provider prior to embarking on a diet that includes any herbal remedies.

To make a herbal preganancy tea with Red Raspberry Leaf you would follow Typical How to Make Herbal Tea Guidelines. Remember it is always safe to start with a smaller amount of a herb than to over power the tea on the first go. Let your body tell you what the 'right amount' is.

Warning:Herbs are very powerful and should always be used with caution.

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