red clover tea and herb & menopause relief

by Eva
(Monroe, VA,USA)

Tea Question

Is red clover tea or herb good for menopause?

Thank you for your question about red clover and menopause. This is one of the best herbs and herbal teas for menopause. Red Clover has been used for centuries to naturally treat and provide relief for the symptoms associated with menopause in women.

It is known as one of the top womens herbs. The isoflavens in red clover and red clover herbal tea can specifically reduce hot flashes - one of the most annoying side effects associated with menopause.

You can buy red clover to make tea from our tea herbs section and the recipe for making a soothing herbal tea to reduce and eliminate hot flashes is contained on our Red Clover Herb page.

Red clover is also excellent for reducing bone loss which also occurs during menopause.

I hope this hels,


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