Pu Erh Tea


Pu Erh Tea originates from Pu'er county near Simao, Yunnan, China.

Most people are not aware that this tea's name is linked to the county where it grows.

Pu Erh is a large leaf tea that the locals aren't too fond of and are more than happy to sell. The large pu erh leaves are wild harvested from tea plants that are typically over 100 years old.

This wild harvest Pu Erh can drive some amazing prices in the tea markets, yet only 10% of teas that call themselves Pu Erh's are actually from the old wild tea plants. It is also one of the only teas that is worth more the more it ages.

The large leaves are formed into tea patties or tea cakes and sold. Sometimes the tea cakes and patties are aged as long as 30 years!

To learn how to break up a tea cake, patty, or brick without damaging the precious tea, click here.

The other 90% of Pu Ehr on the market is from cultivated tea plantations and not true wild Pu Ehr at all. Visit our Pu Erh Tea Store for some great online deals.

Locals don't like the bitter after taste of the tea, and don't typically drink it.

Since Pu Ehr has become so popular, many in this county of China have become very wealthy as a result.

So - take the warning, if you are in search of Pu Erh, make sure that your source is reputable and the tea is authentic. Generation Tea below is a very good resource for authentic Pu Erh. If you are considering purchasing some, visit their site, they have lots of choices.

For more info on the Pu'er County and it's tea, Read this Article from the New York Times.


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