Poppy Tea


Poppy tea and how to brew poppy seed tea is a question that has been asked of us by email.

This article will provide some history about opium poppy seed tea and the risks, and deaths associated with this dangerous herbal tea.

Poppy Pod Tea

Poppy pod tea contains some dangerous substances. Opiates are derived from the poppy pod and this includes morphine and codeine as well as other harmful substances.

Poppy pod or poppy seed tea has traditionally been used as a pain killer, or sedative, and is now often used to help treat recovering addicts. For those in a recovery program, the quantity of opium poppy in the tea is monitored and measured.

Poppy seed tea recipes are all over the internet, and the use of poppy pods and seeds to brew tea is a very dangerous game. There are deaths reported every year that have resulted from people consuming poppy seed tea and overdosing.

While poppy seed tea has been around for 1000's of years, and was tradtionally used to treat pain and as a sedative, if it is over consumed, it is deadly.

We do not recommend or support the brewing of opium poppy seed or pod teas at home to 'get high'. Poppy tea is also highly addictive.

You are risking your life, and the life of those who consume the tea with you if you do this.

There are many safe herbal teas, and there are also teas that can provide many pleasing side effects, kava kava tea is one such tea.

It is very easy to over ingest any type of herbal tea, and extreme caution must be used when experimenting with any herb or herbal medicine.

If you know someone who is experimenting with this deadly tea, please encourage them to seek drug counselling, and not ingest the tea.

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