Genmai Chai, aka Popcorn Tea Review


Genmai Chai, also called Popcorn Tea (you'll know why in a minute), is a very unique kind of green tea that was very surprising to drink for the first time.

Unlike most other types of green tea which consist strictly of the tea leaves themselves, popcorn tea actually has little pieces of popcorn and rice throughout the tea leaves! This makes for a very unusual, but satisfying taste.

To be honest, when I first tried this tea it was a bit strange. It was one of the very first I had ever tried (I believe third) so I wasn't quite used to real tea leaves in the first place.

At that point I was really only drinking tea because I knew how amazing it was for my body, so I drank the tea giving some face cringes and grumbles as it went down. However, the more I drank it the more I realized that it wasn't so bad after all!

Popcorn Tea

Popcorn tea was actually used by peasants in the old days to save money on tea. Goes to show you that even extremely poor folks like the peasants always had enough money to buy tea. They just had to be creative in how they purchased it!

They would actually buy the tea leaves, and add little bits of popcorn and rice to the tea, leaving them with a bit more to drink even though it wasn't purely tea. However the sweet, nutty taste flavor of popcorn tea was popular throughout the villages so they kept the tradition

Today there isn't really a problem with the price of tea, considering you can get 3 months worth for the price of a very cheap meal. In fact, at you can grab a 5oz. tin of it for only $8! That correlates to only about 13 cents per cup. Much cheaper than coffee, wouldn't you say?

I would recommend trying popcorn tea to anyone, but especially to those who have only drank normal tea and haven't had any with any kind of "additional" flavor. Of course there's a chance you might not like it, but that's the beauty of it being so cheap.

You can also try out a sampler of it for only $2 if you're afraid you won't try it. Even the samplers give about 10-15 cups worth, so there's no harm in trying. Just be sure to order a few other flavors as well, just in case you don't enjoy it.

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