Peppermint Digestive Aid

Peppermint Tea

Many people suffering from various stomach ailments use peppermint digestive aid to provide relief.

Peppermint Tea has also been used to treat the following:

  • Peppermint Tea for Headaches
  • Peppermint Tea for Skin Irritations
  • Peppermint Tea for Anxiety
  • Peppermint Tea for Depression
  • Peppermint Tea for Nausea
  • Peppermint Tea for Diarrhea
  • Peppermint Tea for Menstrual Cramps
  • Peppermint Tea for Flatulence

Peppermint is known to calm the muscles of the stomach. It has also been proven to treat bad breath, which is why we see gum and toothpaste flavored with peppermint.

A cup of peppermint tea can aid in the digestion of a meal, calm an upset stomach, and reduce bloating and gas.

It is no wonder peppermints are available as an after dinner treat in so many restaurants.

Peppermint Tea has no caffeine, unless it has been blended with another caffienated product.

Peppermint is very easy to grow in your own garden, and can be somewhat invasive if left unchecked in a garden plot. It is best to grow it in a large pot as it spreads by roots and can overtake your garden in a few seasons.

Fresh peppermint leaves are harvested in the summer, just before the plant goes into bloom. You can dry these leaves and use them all winter for making tea.

To make Peppermint Tea out of fresh peppermint leaves use the following as a guideline.

Peppermint Tea Recipe

Peppermint Digestive Aid

  • 6 tbsp of fresh crushed peppermint leaves
  • 2 cups boiling fresh water
  • Let the infusion brew for 2-5 minutes and there you have a caffeine free Peppermint Tea.

    The leaves are also good brewed with warm milk for those who do not like the tea. (Great for small children).

    It has been said that those with Gastoesophageal Reflux should not ingest peppermint as it will worsen the ailment due to the relaxing of the stomach muscles.

    Colds and Flu's are also treated with peppermint and the menthol is widely used commercially for topical agents.

    So if your feeling a little under the weather, Peppermint Tea may be just the thing to make you feel a little better.

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