Passion Flower Tea for Anxiety

by Donna
(sacramento ca)

Passion Flower Tea Question:

Using Passion Flower for Anxiety Relief:

How much of the passion flower tea can you safely consume in a day and how much tea do you put in a 65mm tea ball for a cup of tea.


Thanks for the question about using Passion Flower for Anxiety.

I will answer how much to use first - 1 teaspoon to 8 ounces of water. You can resteep the herb more than once to make your Passion Flower Herbal Tea. Each steep about 1.5 times as long as the one previous. You can do this 2-4 times.

As for how much of this tea you can safely consume. There are side effects to Passion Flower. You can read them at our Passion Flower Herb Description section, but dizziness is the major one. Herbs affect everyone on a different level, so use your own judgement.

Passion Flower Tea should be limited to three cups a day. It is a very powerful herb. It really does a great job at calming and soothing away the affects of anxiety.

Hope this helps,


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