Organic Wildcrafted Herbal Tea

Have your started to hear the term Organic Wildcrafted Herbal Tea and wonder what it is? Well, we have done a little research to explain the term and identify some things to look for when shopping for teas and herbal remedies.

Wild crafted as it relates to herbs, are herbs that are grown in a natural state. No chemicals, fertilizers or other amendments added. They are grown as nature intended in a natural setting like a forest or meadow.

These herbs are then harvested and used in herbal remedies and herbal teas.

The purpose of wildcrafted herbs is to obtain a herb with as much natural goodness as possible. Like things were in days gone by.

Historically, most herbs were harvested from their natural state, and today most are farmed as are all vegetables and food sources.

Wildcrafted herbs are better for us and bring the utmost nutrients and healing power to our remedies and herbal teas.

In the US you must obtain a permit to harvest herbs from the wild. There are strict rules with such permits. You must not over harvest or disturb the environment in any way. You must harvest from areas that have had no overhead pesticide or herbicide spraying. (Yikes!) and you must ensure that the harvest will allow the herb to recover in growth for future years of harvest. These are just a few of the stipulations, but it is being governed in the US.

You must only by wildcrafted herbs from reputable companies. Any one could harvest things like red clover and call them wildcrafted, but you need to ensure they have come from a pristine area or all the benefits will be lost.

One of the very best suppliers we have found is Mountain Rose Herbs. They are reputable and guarantee their product.

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

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