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Welcome to our page dedicated to certified organic tea. Organic Teas at Teavana
No matter what your preference in tea, organic loose tea is much preferred over commercial tea bags, and non-organic loose tea blends. There are a few suppliers who offer certified organic loose tea and herbal tea. I have two favorite suppliers that I bounce back and forth between depending on what I am looking for. I will share those with you below.

Why Buy Organic Loose Tea?

Lots of people send emails and ask why buy organic grade tea? The answer is simple. Health Tea & Medicinal Tea are made to create good in our bodies. Making these teas with organic ingredients ensures we are getting the maximum nutrients and benefits from our tea.

Tea is an ancient healer, it is meant to be drank pesticide and chemical free. So, the bottom line is it doesn't matter if you love green tea or white tea, or perhaps you prefer black teas, they all have healing qualities and should be consumed only if certified organic to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit.

Okay, I won't make you wait any more, these are my two favorites, and where all my 'tea money' goes:

Organic Loose Tea

For organic teas, I have two favorite suppliers. They are Teavana Loose Teas and Mountain Rose Herbs. You can reach both of their sites by clicking on the banners below.

Both of these suppliers offer the very best quality I have found in organic loose tea and herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

Organic Teas from Teavana

In all my experimenting and looking for the best quality, selection and price, Teavana and Mountain Rose Herbs can't be beat. They both have a good selection of organic herbs and tea to choose from.


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