Organic Matcha Green Tea

Organic Matcha Green Tea is traditionally used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony , as a dye, and in many recipes such as green tea ice cream!

Organic Green Match gets its flavor by the domination of amino acids in the powdered tea.

This is achieved by altering the traditional tea harvest as follows. A few weeks before the time that the leaves of the Camellia sinensis are harvested, they are covered to protect them from the direct sun. This causes the leaves to go a very deep green color and a natural build up of amino acids occurs. When the organic loose tea leaves are harvested, they are laid flat to dry, vs rolling or allowing the leaves to curl.

Organic Tea Field

When the tea leaves are dried and begin to crumble, the tea at this point is known as "Tencha".

The Tencha is then deviened, destemmed and ground with a stone to produce Matcha.

The age of the leaf that is harvested also affects the quality of the Matcha produced, with the youngest, most supple leaves producing the highest quality tea, while the mature, more brittle leaves produce a less desireable product.

There are different grades of Matcha green tea and the sweetest and most intensly flavoured command a very high price. The coarser and standard grades are more reasonable to buy. The time of the harvest also effects the pricing of Matcha with the first of the season demanding the highest price.

Organic Matcha green tea is a real treat, rich in antioxidants and full of flavour, it has many sought after health benefits.

One very fascinating point in comparing the health benefits of Match to organic loose leaf tea is this.

One of the most beneficial antioxidants found in tea is called epigallocatechin gallate. This is what gives the tea it's cancer fighting abilities and ability to eliminate free radicals from our bodies.

Matcha Green Tea's Antioxidant Power

Researchers have found that samples of Matcha had 200 times the concentration of epigallocatechin gallate than that found in regular loose leaf tea and tea bags.

It is actually quite simple to explain why when you think about it. Most tea, loose leaf or in a tea bag is steeped in hot water, and Matcha is actually disollved in hot water. So when you drink Matcha Tea, you are actually ingesting the entire leaf not just the steeped nutrients.


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