Organic Loose Tea

Organic loose tea is available from most tea merchants, tea stores and online. The question becomes what types of loose tea are available and how to brew loose tea.

Loose tea is typically whole leaved. To have obtained organic status, the tea grower must have complied with the organic standards of the country that is growing and selling the tea.

Organic Loose Tea

These standards vary from country to country and just because a product is deemed organic, it doesn't mean that no pesticide or chemical was used. You must research the standard for organic products in the country in which you live to fully understand the term.

Regardless, organic products including teas are much better for our bodies than non-organic teas and products.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf teas are typically much stronger than their flake counterpart. When you look at a loose tea, you can sometimes make out that it is acutally whole leaves you are looking at! All teas appear different depending on how they are processed.

Organic Loose Tea

Some of the Organic Loose Green Teas are rolled, resulting in little round pellets, others are not, and you can make out the leaves.

Most of the Organic Loose Black Teas are dried leaves. Remember that the leaves of black and green teas come from the same plant, they are just processed differently.

How to Brew Loose Tea

One of the major differences in loose teas over bagged teas or flaked teas is when they are brewed. The leaves need ample room to expand. So a typical tea bag size cloth teabag stuffed with loose tea just won't work. The tea easily triples and quadruples in size. So, you just need a tiny bit. This is great news as the organic loose teas can be quite pricy depending on the type and the quality of the harvest.

Just remember to start using a very small amount of the leaves. Once the are steeping they really expand and you can easily see the whole leaf of the plant. Even the rolled little green tea leaves expand to their full size.

If you are not careful, your tea will be very strong, very quickly.

A Loose tea strainer is almost a must when brewing loose teas. You can also purchase tea pots with loose tea strainers built right in! They are really almost a necessity and are priced from reasonable (less than $20) all the way to the extremes ($100 plus). When starting out, an inexpensive tea pot with the strainer built in will do you just fine.

Reuse Your Loose Leaf Tea

Another intersting point to remember is you can use the tea for more than one brew. Saving the leaves and reusing them, you can get 2-3 pots of delicious tea from one tea bag. If you are using a built in tea strainer, just refill the teapot with fresh boiled water.

Tea Pots for Loose Tea

If you can find a tea specialty store in your area, you will find tea pots with built in infusers. These are great for loose leaf tea.

Do not fill the infuser more than 20-25% full and you will be okay, any more and the tea will expand beyond the capacity of the infuser area.

Organic Tea Sampler

Generation tea has a nice organic tea sampler for you to try and it is very well priced at just $38 for 7 different organic loose teas for you to try. Visit Generation Tea - Organic Tea Sampler.


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