Organic Black Tea Bags

Organic Black Tea Bags – Find out just what is in your tea bag, what to look for, organic options and why reusable tea bags might be the best option.

You can purchase Organic Tea Bags from a number of online retailers as well as at your local supermarket or tea emporium. But, not all organic tea bags are the same. There are certain things to look for when purchasing an organic tea in a bag. Regardless if you are looking for organic black tea, organic white tea bags, organic green tea bags or organic herbal tea bags.

What is in Your Tea Bag?

If you were to purchase a few varieties of organic tea bags and lay them on the counter beside each other, chances are you could notice viseable differences in the look of the tea bag itself and the contents in it.

Historically tea bags have been a lesser quality of tea than if you were to purchase loose tea leaves. The History of the Tea Bag is actually very interesting!

The problem with tea bags has always been firstly the ingredients are often low quality, tea dust and small tea particles, usually the remains of the processing of the high quality loose tea. As a result, nutrients, quality and flavor are not even close to that of a loose tea leaf.

Another reason that tea bags usually contain such small particles of tea and tea dust is simply due to expansion of the tea on brewing. You will know exactly what I mean if you have ever brewed loose leaf, high quality tea. The tea leaves expand as much as 3-4 times once steeped. This is just not possible in a small tea bag, there is no room for expansion while maintaining enough tea for your drink.

The third reason it has been difficult to get a good quality of tea from a tea bag is the filtration ability of the material of the bag itself. Typically they are too dense, not allowing for water to flow through and the tea to release naturally. So, you usually ‘squeeze’ the bag.

Organic Tea Bags Have Improved!

Good news is, the production of organic tea bags for tea consumers has improved substantially over the last few years. Consumers can now obtain high quality, organic black tea bags from very reliable sources. A few things for you to look for when purchasing an organic tea bag of any type are:
  • is the tea of leaf type and not dust or small particle tea?
  • is the tea bag made from an organic material?
  • is the tea bag string made from an organic material?
If you can answer yes to all of the above questions, you have found an excellent quality organic black tea bag and you are in luck! Some of us are not so lucky as to be able to find the quality of tea we are looking for in a premade tea bag.So, for the rest of us here are a few options:

Make your Own Organic Black Tea Bags!

  • Purchase high quality organic tea bags that can be reused – organic cotton, and organic hemp tea bags are available from most tea merchants.
  • Purchase our favorite loose leaf organic black tea.
  • Know exactly what we are drinking and what was in the tea bag!

Congratulations! You have just made your own organic black tea bag!

Couple of things to remember on purchasing reusable tea bags, the bag should be large enough to allow for the expansion of the tea leaf. Try not to over load your tea bag, remember allow 3-4 times for expansion.

Don’t squeeze the bag! A good quality tea will infuse in 2-3 minutes on the first cup of tea.

Use your tea bag more than once! High quality organic black tea is good for two or three steeps. I brewed a pot the other day and got 4 steeps out of the tea! Every cup was just as good as the first, and I added 1-2 minutes to each additional steep.Take care in cleaning your tea bags, a rinse with fresh water is all they need. If you wash them with chemicals and detergents, you may contaminate the bag.

I hope you enjoyed this information about Organic Tea Bags!


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