Organic Kombucha Tea - What is it?


Organic kombucha tea is a type of tea that's very different than most others. It's not your typical leaf that has to be infused in water in order to obtain its flavour and interesting health benefits . Kombucha Tea is very different.

Kombucha Wonder Drink

Kombucha is actually made from a mixture of organic black tea (this is the preferred tea) and a live Kombucha culture, also referred to as an organic Kombucha Mushroom. The kombucha mushroom is a living, growing culture filled with healthy bacteria, different kinds of yeasts and other micro-organisms. Okay, now we have you thinking! It will come with some starter Kombucha tea to help you get going.

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Kombucha Recipe

Kombucha Tea

Simply put, to make organic kombucha tea you need to mix black tea and sugar together, then add the culture, and let it ferment for about a week or so. You can then pour off the tea and use a piece of the kombucha mushroom to start a new batch, or reuse the culture to make more!

Making Kombucha Tea can be very rewarding and a healthy hobby to take up. It is similar to brewing your own wine at home.

The combination is a wonderful tasting, very low alcoholic drink (less than 1%) that tastes somewhere in between apple cider and a white wine on the dry side.

Visit our Kombucha Tea Recipe Page for detailed, step by step instructions on How to Make Your Own Kombucha!

Kombucha Tea Resource

This is one of the best resources available on Kombucha and it's benefits in a hard copy book. If you are looking for a great book about Kombucha, you won't be disappointed.

I have read and reread my copy many times. This is a must have resource if you are looking for information about Kombucha.

We also show you how to make your own Green Tea with Kombucha!

Organic Kombucha tea is an ancient elixir drink that has been around for centuries. It actually dates back to 225 BC. It has great probiotic properties, which enhances your immune system in a big way, detoxify your body, as well as energize you.

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Kombucha Benefits

Just like many of the other teas available, it is absolutely wonderful for your body and helps immensely to fight off illnesses. You literally get double the fighting power - you get the antioxidants from the black tea and the probiotic properties of the organic kombucha culture!

It might sound kind of gross to you to think of making a drink out of a Live Kombucha Culture , but how do you think yogurt is made? It's a very common thing to do, it poses no threat to your health because it's good bacteria, and it's very healthy for you! Find out more about Kombucha Health Benefits.

Who Can Drink Organic Kombucha Tea?

Although it can be drunk by almost anyone and pose no threat to health, there are a few exceptions.

People with a bad liver - Because of it's detoxifying effect on the body, some people with bad livers may have problems because of the extra toxins it will be pulling through the liver.

Children under 6 - Although it's great for your health, it may be a little too strong for the very sensitive bodies of young children. If you're older than 6 but still a child, consider diluting the drink.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers - For the same reasons listed just above

Diabetics - Because of the sugar involved in the process of making this unique tea, diabetics should be careful and record how much they're using.

Recovering alcoholics - Although the alcoholic content is usually under 1%, even this little amount can trigger susceptibility to drinking for former alcoholics. If you are a recovering alcoholic, please be careful.

More Kombucha Articles & Resources

We have lots of great information about Kombucha. If you are looking to read further about this amazing wonder drink, here are our most popular Kombucha Articles:


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