oregano tea

by milla

Tea Question

How much of oregano tea can your drink so that you won't get pregnant?


Thank you for your question about oregano herbal tea.

I have to tell you oregano is not a herb that will stop you from getting pregnant.

Personally, I must say that you shouldn't rely on any herb to be effective in reducing the chance of getting pregnant if you are having unprotected sex.

Why not use a different form of birth control? There are prescriptions of course, but if you are against those, I suggest you at least use condoms or perhaps spermicides?

While herbs have been used for many women's issues and are effective at helping with a great number of the problems we face as women, I would not leave the serious issue of an unwanted pregnancy up to a herb.

There is not enough evidence to prove that any herbal tea is 100% effective with respect to pregnancy.

I hope this helps, and please use a different method of birth control.

Kind Regards,

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