Oolong Tea Facts


Here are some interesting Oolong Tea Facts for you!

Facts about Oolong Tea

Oolong Fact #1

Oolong tea is marketed and sold under a variety of names. Oolong Tea, Wu Long Tea and Wu Yi Tea are all oolongs marketed under different names

Oolong Fact #2

Oolong tea can increase your metabolism by up to 12% and is known as a diet tea for this reason.

Oolong Fact #3

People who drink oolong tea on a regular basis, ie 3 times a day, can loose up to 5lbs a week.

Oolong Fact #4

There are different grades of Oolong Tea. High quality Oolong can demand as much as $100/lb.

Oolong Fact #5

Oolong Tea is usually a Chinese Tea, but other regions also process oolong tea.

Oolong Fact #6

Oolong tea is a cross or blend of black and green teas. It is not as oxidized as a full black tea, but has undergone some oxidization making it a ‘between green & black’ tea.

Oolong Fact #7

Yes, oolong tea alone can help you loose weight, but it is most effective when drank regularly with a sensible diet of fresh vegetables and proteins.

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Oolong Fact #8

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