Oolong Tea Benefits

Benefits of Oolong


oolong tea benefits

There are many oolong tea benefits that are 'good to know' but one of the most amazing benefits of oolong is that is can really help you to speed up that metabolism and lose weight.

Oolong is one of the best diet teas available. No need for weight loss fad diets or dangerous weight loss pills, try oolong first and you will be amazed.

Benefits of Oolong

There are more benefits to oolong tea as well. First you should know that oolong tea is a 'partially oxidized tea' this means it is between green tea and black tea as far as the processing goes.

So you do get some of the same benefits as drinking black tea and green tea.

Here are the top oolong tea benefits:

  • Oolong is antibacterial
  • Oolong is antiviral
  • Oolong can relieve allergies
  • Oolong can be effective for ashtma sufferers
  • Oolong can help you lose weight
  • Oolong can reduce bad cholesterol
  • Oolong is great cold (iced oolong tea)

A few more interesting facts and info about oolong for you. We get some questions about this tea on a regular basis.

Oolong Tea & Breastfeeding

Oolong tea does contain caffeine, and does speed up your metabolism. So bottom line? A no, no while breastfeeding. You can read more about safe teas for pregnancy here. The same rules apply while breastfeeding as do when you are pregnant.

How much Oolong to Lose Weight?

If you want to get maximum results for weight loss and diet with oolong tea, I suggest 5 cups - 2 in the morning, 1 mid day, 1 in the afternoon, and one before dinner.

This has proven the most benefical schedule for those wanting to lose weight.

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Oolong Sampler

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