New Study Shows That You Lose Fat With Oolong Tea!


Oolong tea has been very popular with dieters across the world lately, and for good reason! More and more studies are coming out showing the immense benefits of quality oolong tea, and what it can do for your weight loss goals.

People are starting to finally realize what a waste of money it is buying diet products that don't work. Health products such as diet pills are becoming one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Certain things "could" work, but they mess with your body chemistry.

Your body was designed to have certain chemicals in it. Most of the chemicals in diet pills shouldn't be in there. At least not in the quantities present in the diet pills!

Worst of all, they mess up your body! Even worse, you won't find out until it's too late! Thankfully natural products, such as oolong tea, are now gaining more popularity, . Sadly, it comes after a time when they've already experienced the side effects of "diet pills".

Oolong is just one of many ways to naturally decrease the fat on your body, and it comes with great taste as well! Gone are the days of drinking nasty powders and shakes which make you gag just thinking about them. NOW are the days of drinking a wonderful tasting drink, which also brings extraordinary fat loss and dozens of other health benefits.

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In a study conducted by the University of Tokushima in Japan, they proved the powerful fat burning properties of oolong tea. I won't get too graphic because the study involved measuring the lipid (fat) content in the participant's feces, but I'll let you in on the results.

The results are shown in the study by what they excreted, but to make it simple I'll reverse it into what they would have absorbed.

Those who drank oolong absorbed less than 1/2 the fat into their bodies compared to those who didn't drink it.

They also absorbed about 1/3 of the cholesterol as those who didn't drink it. Talk about results. You can't get any better than that!

So there is the proof. Will you do anything with it? Obesity is a major problem in the world today. People need to step up and take control of their lives. Exercise daily, eat frequent meals, eat good fats, and drink tea (oolong if you're specifically trying to lose weight).

Follow those 4 guidelines and you are on your way to a fit and healthy body.

Once you create a fat cell, it only shrinks but never goes away. This is 1 reason why people put weight back on so easy. Don't let your body create 1 more fat cell. Start taking control of your life today, and start that by drinking oolong!

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Source: EuropeanJournalofClinicalNutrition. 2006 Nov;60(11):1330-6. Epub 2006 Jun 28.

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