Oolong tea - What is it called in other language?

by shah

Oolong Tea Question

What is oolong tea, plant or leaves or oolong called in udru language or in indian.?
Does anyone know if oolong tea is available in pakistan?

Oolong, Wu Yi, and Wu Long are closely related. The Wu Yi variety comes from the Wu Yi region and this can be bought in an oolong form - so can Fujian Oolong from the Fujian province of China.

I suspect that it is called Oolong in India, but I may be wrong and you should be able to purchase it from any tea merchant. (Who of course will try to sell you one of the famous Indian teas that are so well flavored).

If all else fails, there are lots of merchants who sell oolong online (including us) who will shop to India for you.

You can get the details of our product on our Buy Oolong section.

Good Luck

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