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Oct 03, 2008
Oolong Tea and Pregnancy
by: Teya - Admn

I am responding to your question about drinking Oolong or Wulong tea while you are pregnant.

All tea that comes from the camellia senisis plant (tea plant) including oolong or wulong tea contains caffeine.

Oolong Tea is also a natural stimulant and is often used for those wanting to loose weight.

Like any caffeine product, it should be AVOIDED WHILE PREGNANT. (Sorry to say!)

You will have to switch over to a herbal tea that is safe for pregnancy and take up drinking oolong once you have had your baby.

Black Tea, White Tea, Chinese Tea (oolongs & wulongs) Green Tea and any other tea leaf based tea all naturally contain caffeine.

Hope this helps.

Crazy For Tea

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