Before You Buy Okinawan Tea - Read This!


Claims say that Okinawan tea is a very rare, unique tea. They try to charge you lots of money for it and tell you it burns 40% more calories per day than not drinking it, and so forth.

Folks, "Okinawan tea" is nothing more than a type of green tea that is commonly drank in Okinawa!

However, since you found this page to find out about this tea, I'll give you a little background on them.

Who Are The Okinawans?

The Island is located in the South Pacific, and is home to many unique individuals. Unlike most other countries in the world today, the people of Okinawa are seen to be one of the healthiest and fittest people on the earth. In, they have more people who are living to be over 100 years old than other other country in the world!

Here's a little something that may surprise you (especially if you live in the US).

Less than 3% of Okinawans are overweight!

Hard to believe, isn't it? In the United States, and now into a lot of other countries, people are fatter than ever. They drink fattening soda, eat fattening fast food, and exercise less. People are saying that the "bird flu" might be an epidemic. Well what about obesity!

Why are Okinawans so fit?

Well, I can tell you that it's not the fact that they don't eat starches. A very large part of their diet consists of beans, rice, legumes, and other high carbohydrate foods. On the other hand, they also drink the most Tea - Usually Green Tea tea per capita in the entire world! Coincidence that they live the longest?

Now I'm not going to say that the ONLY reason they are fit is because they drink tea, because that might be a little unreasonable. There are obviously some people who drink a lot of tea and are still unhealthy.

However, it's proven that tea drinkers on average are healthier than non-tea drinkers. This is probably because 1) tea helps burn more calories and 2) people who drink tea tend to watch their health a bit more closely. In the case of this wonderful island, "Okinawan tea" - green tea - is a VERY big factor in determining the health of these individuals!

People take advice from those who have experienced success from whatever endeavor they are participating in. Tea is a very big part of their diet, and they are the longest living people in the world! I think we should all take a piece of advice from them, and drink more tea!

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For the sake of your pride, as well as your wallet, stop believing these claims that Okinawan tea is a magical, rare tea. It's just a type of green tea that is very common in the area of Okinawa. However, even though it's just a regular green tea, it still helps you lose weight, reduces most cancers, gives you more energy, and all the other dozens of benefits that drinking tea will bring you.

Stop trying to find magic "cures" like Okinawan tea, grab yourself a few ounces of your favorite tea and start drinking!

Here are some excellent Green Teas for you to try!

There is just an amazing number of varieties to try. You will be sure to find a favorite, so pick one or two varieties, boil up some fresh water, and sit back and enjoy.



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