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Noni Herb

Noni, also known as Great Morinda or Indian Mulberry is a shrub or small tree that is native to Southeast Asia but has spread through out India and beyond.

Noni can be found in shady forests or along rocky shores. Noni matures quickly and produces fruit monthly through the year.

The fruit has a pungent odor and a bitter taste and has been called cheese fruit and even vomit fruit. The fruit is smallish and begins a yellowish green and turns nearly white when fully ripened. Although unappealing in looks and smell the fruit is edible and is associated with hardship as it is eaten in times of famine or poverty rather than desired by choice.

Noni herb has its place in folk medicines and everything from the large leaves, pungent fruit and seeds and even bark has been used medicinally. In recent times Noni juice has become popular and has become a multi billion dollar market world wide.

Noni is available in juice, concentrate, tea, tablet and capsule forms. On the market Noni juice is usually sweetened to improve the bitter taste.

Noni leaf tea is available from health food stores, more readily available though is the juice and a tea can be prepared from the juice.

Noni Juice Tea

To prepare Noni juice tea mix 1 tablespoon Noni tea in at least 3 tablespoons of hot water and add sweetener to taste.

Noni Benefits & Herbal Remedies

The large leaves of the Noni can be heated and applied to the chest to relieve congestion or to the stomach to ease colic and gas.

It is thought that the ripe fruit, when applied to boils will draw out the pus.

Noni juice is acclaimed to aid in ailments such as: immune support, cancer fighting, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, intestinal parasites or worms, urinary tract ailments, heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome when caught early, Tuberculosis and chest infections, boils and wounds as well as being antibiotic and antimicrobial.

Noni Cautions & Dangers

Noni is high in potassium and use is discouraged in persons with kidney disease or who already have elevated potassium levels.

Like most fruits Noni contains sugar and should be used with caution by diabetics.

Due to lack of research Noni use is discouraged during pregnancy.

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