Nettle Herb

Stinging Nettle - Nettle Tea

For 1000's of years herbalsits and holistic healers have used nettle herb as a common herbal remedy for many ailments and condtions.

It is a wonderful addtion to herbal tea, and its health benefits are under rated in todays society.

Stinging nettle, or Urtica Dioica grows wild in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. So it is easy to get in many countries. It is a perennial, meaning it comes back on its own every year. Stinging Nettle spreads by its root system or rhizomes as they are known in the gardening world. It requires a moist or damp soil to thrive.

You will know if you come into contact with stinging nettle as there are little hairs covering the leaves that will sting the skin. The plant itself grows 2-4 feet tall, and has cut leaves covered in the little stinging hairs.

Stinging Nettle - A Herb

nettle herb

Nettle has a long history as a herbal remedy for many things. Arthritis sufferers have 'flogged' the limbs and joints that are arthritic to obtain relief by way of the sting.

It is also a blood purifier, and has been long used as a treatment for kidneys, anemia and hay fever. It has also been used historically to stop bleeding. Nettles have the ability to do this because of high vitamin k content.

More recently, stinging nettles and their extracts are being used by body builders in an effort to increase testosterone levels naturally in their bodies.

A stinging nettle extract that is made from the root of the nettle plant is being used to reduce enlarge prostate problems with great results.

It is also used in many herbal shampoos and hair care products. It gives hair a shine and reduces dandruff.

Stinging Nettle & Cooking

The young leaves of the stinging nettle have a similar tast to spinach and are very nutritious. Once the leave is cooked, it looses its stinging qualities. Do not harvest the nettle leaf once the plant is in flower, the leaves are bitter and grainy. They can upset your system.

You can use fresh nettles in any recipe that calls for fresh spinach, and you will have a tasty dish.

Nettle leaves are high in vitamin A, C, K, D, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium. They are an excellent addition to any diet.

Nettle Tea

The stinging nettle herb is widely used in herbal teas and nettle tea is a common tea for women who are pregnant, the attributes of the herb make pregnancy a little easier, along with giving birth.

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