Why You Need A Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker

Before I tell you why you need a Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker, let me first explain what it is.

The Ice Tea Maker is a small appliance used to make some high-quality iced tea. I'm sure you've heard of the name "Mr Coffee" before, as the company has been around for decades and continues to sell top quality appliances. Unfortunately they sell mostly coffee appliances, but that's another story.

It allows you to easily brew your own iced tea. It significantly simplifies the process of brewing the tea, letting it cool, and spending all of your time on making just a few cups of tea. With features such as a 10-minute brew cycle, auto shut-off, and a pitcher that helps you pour without spilling, this is the best money can buy.

So Why Do You Need A Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker?

The main reason you need this appliance is for the amazing health benefits you will gain from drinking the tea.

Not only will you gain the amazing health benefits it contains, but you'll also be saving tons of calories if you decide to drink it without cream or sugar.

Another reason you need the Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker is because although drinking hot tea is great, sometimes you need a break. On a hot summer day, the best feeling in the world can come from drinking an ice cold glass of tea.

Folks in the southern part of the United States will probably agree with me on that statement more than anybody. "Sweet Tea" as they call it, is an extremely popular drink. Sweet tea is nothing more than iced tea with sugar and maybe a lemon in it, but it is probably the most popular cold drink in the South.

I prefer to drink iced tea with no cream or sugar. Why? Because I'm a very health-conscious person and I know that sugar is horrible for you. One of the main reasons I drink tea (hot or cold) is because I can get an abundance of health improving antioxidants and because it's a calorie-free drink as well.

Although I won't get into full detail on the health benefits of tea because that's what this entire website is about, here are just a few:

  • It Increases Bone Density
  • It's Full Of Antioxidants
  • It Prevents Almost All Types of Cancer
  • It Helps You Lose Weight
  • Lowers Choleserol
  • Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
  • Helps Fight Acne
  • Reduces Inflammation

That list could go on and on for pages, but you get the idea. It's been proven that drinking tea on a regular basis can help cure, prevent, and even eliminate almost any type of disease, cancer, or disorder that you can think of.

That great news is, you can get all those health benefits by simply buying a Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker and making iced tea on a regular basis! Plus it's very cheap as well, so that always helps.

You can use tea bags or high-quality tea leaves, sugar or no sugar, milk or no milk, or however else you like your iced tea. The Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker makes the process so easy that a toddler can probably do it.

You can get either a 2qt. or 3qt. Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker, but I would recommend getting the 3qt. just because it's always better to have a little extra. They cost about the same, so why not get a bigger pitcher for the same price?


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