Mixing different teas together- any side effects?

by Melanie
(Cypress, TX)

Tea Question

I have bags of different teas. For example, I have a tea to help milk supply, a tea to help bronchitis and sore throat, and chamomile. I'd like to mix the three bags together for one really large cup of tea instead of needing to drink 3 separate cups to feel better. I usually add a splash of milk. Are there any negative side effects to doing this?


Mixing teas together is generally okay - chamomile blends well with several types of herbal tea - You have not described any of the other ingredients in the breast milk and sore throat tea, so it is difficult to comment.

I often blend herbs together to make tea, so for the most part it is safe, however some do react together so I sugges you ask at your local health food, or herbalist taking a full list of the ingredients with you.

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I hope this helps,


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