mix your own herbal tea?

by Mrs. Storrs
(orlando fl)

Tea Question

Hey Folks,
after years of enjoying herbal tea, bought at the local grocers of course, I am having to watch my budget for groceries.

A box of herbal tea (with 20 bags) is anywhere between $3.35 to $4.99 and sometimes higher, depending on the brand.

Well, we consume a lot of tea since we serve it daily to a large family.

Is there a "tried and true" tea company which sells herbal tea wholesale?

Could I just buy ...say chamomile, hibiscus, etc and make my own blends?
Thanks you for responding.
Mrs. Storrs


Excellent question Mrs. Storrs and with todays economy I can really relate to what you are saying.

We have an excellent source that will give wholesale discounts for bulk orders for herbs and base teas to mix you own tea. You can see what they offer on our Tea Herbs section.

Now don't panic, you do have to buy quantity to get the price down. So what I would (and do!!) is find others through social groups, church, neighbours etc, that also like tea.

(Let's be honest, everyone would like to save some money and serve up the best quality tea.) Just tell them you are ordering some high quality tea and herbs in bulk and you are wondering if they are interested. I am sure you can find someone to split up your order with.

You can save more by resteeping your teas up to three times using a tea strainer. (You can also buy fillable disposable tea bags, but this will cost more)

Don't forget to grab our free herbal tea recipe book as well to get some great free recipes. You can do that on our Herbal Tea page.

Lastly, you may find that you are a true genius at blending teas and want to start your own tea business at home to bring in some extra income. You can sign up to be informed when our complete Tea Home Business course is ready Tea Business section.

Thanks for the question, and I hope these resources help you to provide great tea for your family at a savings.

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