Milk affecting tea

by Matthew
(Cincinnati, OH)

I have been doing a lot of research about whether milk affects the antioxidant levels in green tea. Milk is a big part of my diet. Every meal of the day I have milk along with a carnation instant breakfast. I also have a cup of green or black tea after each meal. For what I have read most sites have said to mix milk with tea. Well for me I have the tea after my breakfast which is usually right after. So I'm guessing it will still mix once its in my system.

Are there any other alternatives for milk? I have tried soy milk but do not like it.


Hi Matt - thanks for the question about tea. Milk does not affect anti oxidant levels of tea or inhibit its absorbtion into our system from what I know.

Another alternative you may consider is almond milk. It tastes a little better than soy milk, but if you are a true milk lover, I doubt you will find a substitute that you like as much as 'milk'.

So I would just do what you are doing. Good Luck.

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