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I will be having surgery and will be on Coumadin (blood thinner) following my surgery. Is there any reason I should refrain from drinking my weight loss combination of ( Imperial Acai Berry, Silver Needle, Strawberry Slender.& Monkey Picked Oolong)? I don't want to drink it if it is going to interfere with the Coumadin. Is the Monkey Picked Oolong tea a Black or White tea? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



Tea & Medications

Please consult your doctor regarding the possible interaction with your blood thinner medication Coumadin. It is always possible you can have an interaction.

Regarding Monkey Picked Oolong and if it is a black tea or a white tea, oolong tea is actually between green tea and black tea (partially processed). Oolong is a type of tea all on its own.

Your silver needle is a white tea, the acai berry is great for weight loss (not sure as I say about the interaction with the blood thinner, but possible)

Hoping this helps, and best wishes to you with your surgery.


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