measuring dry herbs for tea

by Tamara

Tea Question

I am making my own Sleepy Time tea with peppermint, chamomile, valerian root and passionflower. The recipe calls for two parts each of peppermint and one part each of the other three ingredients. I ordered bulk herbs and need to know do I go by weight or by measure? I was thinking one pound each of valerian, chamomile and passionflower and two pounds peppermint. Or should I measure them all in measuring cups to get the ratio? I noticed the valerian is much heavier and denser than the others.
Thank you.

When ever I make herbal tea, I use a measure - I have not gone by weight.

I know this is weird when you buy it by the weight, but I recommend that you measure. Valerian powdered root is very dense, you are right. It can also leave a sediment in the teapot or tea cup when brewing and this is normal due to the fine grinding of the herb.

I would use a measure, not weight. Good Luck.


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