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Jul 01, 2008
Kombucha - What types of Teas are Best
by: Teya (Admin)

Teya here - I brew Kombucha at home and have been doing so for quite some time. My family loves it! Even my daughter who refused to drink it as she sees the brew on the counter daily and thinks it is 'icky' finally gave it a try and loves it.

So here is my experience with the best teas to use to brew your own Kombucha. First and foremost is must be 'tea'. Either Black Tea or Green Tea. Herbal Tea will not work, you will get a moldy mess.

The tea is what feeds the Kombucha culture along with the sugar. So bottom line, is it must be a true tea.

As for flavoring the Kombucha, I have only added flavor once the brew is done and I am putting it in the bottles. You can then add fruit juice or other flavors such as herbal infusions. (Herbs and water).

Others may have tried flavouring while brewing their Kombucha, but I haven't.

My favorite tea to use to brew a batch is Jasmine Green Tea (Chinese Type) it brews a light and refreshing batch of Kombucha - there you go, the jasmine flowers are in the tea and so I do flavour as I brew! But this is done in the making of the tea stage.

Hope all this helps.


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