making colored tea sandwich bread?

Tea Sandwich Question

If you're making small tea sandwiches for a baby shower where do you get colored bread? or can you buy these sandwiches all ready prepared?

Thank you for your question about the colored bread that are often served at baby showers on those lovely tea sandwich trays.

Find a grocery store or bakery that makes their own bread - most do. Just ask them to prepare a special order for you in the colors you want - pink, blue, green, and yellow are popular baby shower tea sandwich colors.

You can also ask the local grocer or baker to slice the bread long ways - this makes the tea sandwich making process much easier!!

Then let your creative side flow - making fillings for your tea sandwiches that compliment the color of the bread you have chosen. You should carefully consider the tea sandwich filling depending on the color of the bread - this makes a huge difference to your presentation and how pretty you make your serving table.

Good Luck and hope this helps,


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